Caterpillar electric and electronic repair parts are designed to meet the unique demands of your Cat equipment. High-quality materials, carefully controlled manufacturing processes, and some of the industry’s most rigorous testing help Cat electronic components deliver maximum performance and value over the life of your equipment.


Built to work hard and deliver reliable performance even in tough, dirty, bitter-cold conditions, Cat Starters are designed specifically to handle the high current experienced during the cranking of engines. Coldest Cranking Extraordinary vigor and superior power and durability will provide in the coldest of harshest environments.

• Arctic starts to -40°C for some models.

• Unmatched starting capacity compared to competitors’ products.

Largest Line

Caterpillar offers the largest, most comprehensive variety of starters on the market.

• Torque and features optimized to match requirements of each specific engine.

• Customized by engine model to ensure the best component for the machine.

• Optimally designed to match each engine and system requirements.

Sturdiest Design

The most durable construction—proven with stringent quality checks in the most extreme conditions—that will exceeds industry standards.

• Highest sealing and anti-corrosion specs in the industry: seamless, one-piece solenoid casing that protects against corrosion, vibration and extreme weather.

• Rotatable drive housing that allows flexible mounting.


Efficiently energizing the battery to power your machine during operation, Cat Alternators are proven top-notch tough, durable and reliable—even at low idle—to keep the electrical system going long and strong.

Power to Choose

• Largest selection of electrical power output on the market today

• Design to meet performance needs and budget.

• Customized by machine model to ensure right alternator for the engine. 


• Electrically oversized per machine to ensure sufficient electrical output no matter the RPM.

• Most powerful alternators available today.

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