MSP CAT Repair Options

Cat® parts are built tough to provide maximum durability and extended life—and many are designed for multiple lives. By properly maintaining lower-level parts, you can help prevent more severe and expensive damage to higher-level engine parts and components, which directly impact your productivity and operating costs. Acting early on repair indicators found through historical data, inspections, condition monitoring alerts, S·O·SSM fluid analysis results, and more is key to keeping you up and running.

Repair Before Failure

Reduced operation costs—before failure repairs are up to 60% less costly. More parts can be reused, collateral damage to adjacent parts is reduced and labor is typically decreased. Reduced downtime—because parts and labor resources are planned, components often can be reconditioned up to 70% faster before failure. Increased efficiency through planning—Customers can schedule downtime and budget for repairs because the price is known in advance. Greater flexibility—repairing before failure enables customers to choose from a greater number of repair options (running a component to destruction prevents a customer from using cheaper repairs).

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