MSP CAT embraces:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • The 8 fundamental ILO conventions.

Conducting our business responsibly is paramount for MSP CAT. As Caterpillar partner, we are complying with their Code of Conduct which is accessible here. MSP CAT has also developed its own Code of Conduct which available here.

  • All our BOD members, managers and employees shall comply with our Code of Conduct.
  • MSP CAT has a zero-tolerance approach with corruption, bribery and discrimination.
  • We encourage anyone to report its doubts, and MSP CAT will protect the whistleblowers who are reporting their concerns.
  • Directors, managers and employees shall not engage in any business or activity which might conflict with MSP CAT.
  • MSP CAT encourages anyone who has knowledge of a violation of any applicable law in Myanmar or of any potential breaches of our Code of Conduct by MSP CAT employees, managers, BOD members or business partners to report to MSP chairman using our contact form.


To ensure that our principles are properly enforced, we are working on 3 different areas.

  • With our customers, for the new or the existing one, we are checking if we can provide them with the services and solutions they are requesting. MSP CAT uses procedures to verify that delivering the requested goods to its customers will not occur to breach Caterpillar’s Code of Conduct. For each order who may be too sensitive, MSP CAT might reach Caterpillar to seek more guidance. Ultimately, MSP CAT may not proceed with its customers' orders and will prefer to reduce its potential revenues rather than exposing its brand.
  • With our new employees, they will receive an orientation training where they will be briefed about MSP CAT Code of Conduct.
  • With our employees, every year, they will get training to update their knowledge about our business ethics. For our top management, they will be trained by an expert sent by Caterpillar.


  • 100% of our recruits were trained to MSP CAT Code of Conduct.
  • MSP CAT decided to terminate one contract with one employee who breached its Code of Conduct.
  • Only 58% of our technicians understand clearly our Code of Conduct: MSP CAT will work to make sure that everyone within the company has a clear understanding of its Code of Conduct.