• Fluid Analysis: Get regular oil testing and analysis to know the condition of oil, coolant, component wear and more.
  • Inspections: Regular inspections and help train your people on what to look for. Or we can perform inspections for you as part of a Customer Support Agreement.
  • Electronic Equipment Information: Get up-to-the-minute information that helps give you advanced warning about potential issues to act quickly when problems come up
  • Equipment History: Get service reports and recommendations for maintenance, inspections and repairs. We analyze this information to help you spot long-term equipment performance trends and helps identify opportunities to enhance service and maintenance practices.
  • Site Conditions: Operation and maintenance practices, local site conditions and overall climate and seasonal conditions, improve operating and maintenance practices and is helpful in estimating component or equipment life.


Cat VisionLink is a web-based fleet management tool that helps you manage your machines using real time information coming from your equipment. Advanced features allow you to view your equipments utilization, pay load data, daily cycle, fault codes, operations, hours, location, fluid sampling and more. Configure exactly what you need with different subscription options and get expert recommendation that help you boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improves safety. Get in touch with us to know more on how you can use Cat VisionLink to optimize the performance of your machines and improve health.


Cat RAM is a web-based application to monitor your Cat Engines and optimize performance. Features include real time information on engine performance, running hours, fuel utilization and a lot more. The performance of multiple assets can be monitored and compared to gain insights on what works best for you. Get in touch with us to know more about Cat RAM.


Cat®   Product Link is a remote monitoring system that helps you keep track of your equipment.  It's been completely redesigned and now features robust, on-machine hardware and improved communication systems. 

Product Link collects data on your equipment, which can be accessed on using the easy-to-use web application Vision Link. 

  • track, monitor and manage your machine’s driving productivity 
  • manage your machine health
  • capture fault logs
  • track your equipment’s location using GPS
  • manage your asset utilization, and 
  • Automate parts and services lists based on the reports.

Product Link will help you to make informed decisions on how you get the most out of your assets.

Whether you have one machine or a large fleet……it pays to know the new Cat® Product Link.

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