Customer Value Agreement



Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) help keep your Cat machine and generator easy to own and ready to work. Any CVA starts with Hassle-Free Maintenance, featuring Genuine Cat  Parts, delivered right on schedule, right to your location with step-by-step instructions. Expert Dealer Support comes with CVA Packages options to minimize surprise costs on covered repair. Peace of Mind of Equipment Health Management provides you with machine alerts and information, as well as inspections and fluid health monitoring. Hassle-Free Ownership means all elements of your CVA are part of one agreement and eligible as part of your monthly machine payment.


Hassle-free maintenance unlocks planned maintenance (PM) efficiencies like never before.

Parts delivered right on schedule, right to you. If you prefer to handle maintenance, clear instructions will accompany your parts. Dealer service includes trained professionals who can work with your schedule to minimize downtime. No matter how you install parts, you benefit from Genuine Cat Parts, designed alongside the machines they protect. Optimized for the machine and application, Cat parts can extend your component life by up to 50 percent. And with a CVA, they deliver right where you need them.


Peace of Mine from equipment health management that lowers the risk of issues occurring at all. The Cat App and My.Cat.Com show you real-time machine insights like machine hours, location, fuel burn and maintenance alerts. Fluid health analysis tests the condition of your equipment’s oil, fuel and coolant — giving you a look inside major systems to better prevent failures, downtime or loss of production. Inspections further help monitor your equipment’s health, and are shareable and viewable from the Cat Inspect app.


Hassle-free ownership will bring your agreement together with your monthly machine payment. Your CVA is all one plan, fit for your operation and backed by expert tools and advice. Once you’re set up,

You’re free to focus on the work that boosts your bottom line.

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