As official Caterpillar dealer in Myanmar, Myan Shwe Pyi Tractors Ltd. (MSP CAT) has worked hard to deliver the best products and services to enable our customers building a better Myanmar.

Partnering with a leading company like Caterpillar is demanding yet greatly rewarding: we aim high to deliver excellent products and outstanding services to our customers; never a compromise on quality, and zero-tolerance approach in upholding our values, especially in the areas of sustainability and the fight against corruption. In an emerging economy like Myanmar, this approach can sometimes be seen challenging; however, ultimately, it helps us create long-term value not only for MSP CAT’s shareholders but for all our stakeholders whose trust is critical for us.

MSP CAT is a company driven and defined by its values, and as the chairman of the Board of Directors, my main responsibility is to safeguard MSP CAT’s sustainability and the social contract between our company and the communities we serve. During the last few years, we invested heavily in developing MSP CAT’s foundational capabilities, focused on expanding our coverage by building a network of branches across the country. We have 14 branches around Myanmar today. This helps us to be closer to our customers and serve them more efficiently and make it easier for them to deal with us. We are also investing heavily in human resource development, particularly in developing the skills of our technicians and engineers: every year, they will get at least 80 hours of training to update their skills continuously. MSP CAT is also extremely committed to offering good careers’ opportunities for young people of Myanmar thanks to our apprenticeship programme.

Last but not least, our corporate culture and our willingness to embrace ambitious business standards and best practices help us create the best value for our customers. We strive to be a responsible and inspiring business by walking our talk, and we encourage all our stakeholders to share their concerns about any potential misconduct by MSP CAT.

The results? We have 800+ fully committed and motivated team. According to our most recent survey, 91% of our technicians are proud to be part of MSP CAT. We are performing over 6,263 operations a year to serve our customers, without any major accidents for our employees. Our customers are extremely satisfied as well: according to our customer satisfaction survey, 93% of them are pleased with our services. I am proud of these results and confident that MSP CAT will do more to serve our customers and stakeholders better.

Khin Maung Win


Our business

Our solutions are extremely durable and are designed to face the most challenging conditions. We are offering different solutions for our customers who may decide to buy or rent our machines. They even can choose to get second-hand equipment from us.

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, we can repair and maintain all the machines and equipment we provided. Moreover, throughout the life-cycle of our products, our experts will advise our customers to lower their energy consumption, to reduce any potential environmental impact and to increase the safety of their operations.


  • 3,760 CAT machines are building Myanmar
  • Over 4,400 generators are powering Myanmar
  • We sold over 250 machines in 2019
  • MSP CAT team performed over 6,263 operations in 2019
  • We are serving 5000+ customers
  • We collected over 945 feedbacks from our customers in 2019, and more than 93% of them are satisfied

Our partners

We are the official distributor of the following brands:


  • 2009

    Registration of Myan Shwe Pyi Tractors Ltd. under the number 145705959

  • 2010

    Inception of our apprenticeship programme

  • 2011

    MSP CAT became Caterpillar official and authorised dealer in Myanmar

  • 2014

    Completion of Ywama Power Plant in Yangon

    One of the first Myanmar company to comply with the OHSAS 18001:2007 safety standard

  • 2018

    16 branches across Myanmar and over 800+ employees to serve MSP CAT customers across the country

    Re-registration under the new Myanmar Companies Law

    Partnership with Yoma Fleet to develop rental activities of heavy equipment

  • 2019

    One of the first companies in Myanmar to achieve compliance to the ISO 45001 standard.



Leading customer solution provider and world-class Caterpillar dealer.


Create exceptional value for our customers and communities by providing quality power systems, machines and services and meeting the highest international accepted health & safety standards through our proud, knowledgeable and engaged team, who are known as leaders of service excellence and integrity, and consistently delivering our customers expectation-exceeding experience.


Our 5 corporate values are shaping MSP CAT culture.

  • Commitment We embrace our responsibilities. Individually and collectively we make meaningful commitments -- first to each other, and then to those with whom we work, live and serve.
  • Excellence: The power of Quality. We set and achieve ambitious goals. The quality of our products and services reflects the power and heritage of Caterpillar.
  • Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of all we do. It is a constant. Those with whom we work, live and can rely on us.
  • Teamwork: We help each other succeed. We are a team, sharing our unique talents to help those with whom we work, live and serve.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to building a better world. Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do every single day.