MSP CAT aims to operate its business responsibly and sustainably. To do so, MSP CAT is working closely with all its stakeholders to build sound relationships with them.


Our customers expect high-quality products and services. They are looking for value for money, and they are expecting us to be reliable, responsive and committed.


Our partners are expecting us to comply with their operating and ethical business standards while developing our activities in the country.


Our employees are expecting safe and good working conditions from us. They want to have good careers’ opportunities, and they want to seize new professional opportunities as MSP CAT is growing.


They are working to promote investment in Myanmar and to develop the Myanmar economy. MSP CAT is supporting AmCham, the IIMDA, the MCEA and MGS.


The civil society is expecting MSP CAT to act responsibly and transparently. MSP CAT is keen to have a constructive and straightforward dialogue with NGOs.


Myanmar Government is expecting companies to comply with the laws and to pay their fair amount of tax.


We rely on the skills and commitment of our people to deliver outstanding services to our customers. Therefore, MSP CAT is trying hard to be one of the best employers in Myanmar.

Our HR team is responsible for defining and implementing our HR strategy and action plans.

Working conditions

All our employees can enjoy different benefits:

  • Health allowance, which amount can be up to one month of salary. Our employee can use this allowance to cover self and immediate family members health expenditures.
  • Loans, mainly to pay the rent or buy their home, especially when they have to pay a deposit.
  • Credit terms and conditions. MSP CAT has negotiated good terms and conditions with certain stores.

Social dialogue is also essential for us. Therefore, and to comply with the law, MSP CAT has also set a Workplace Coordinating Committee to settle the dispute between MSP CAT’s employees and the Company.

To monitor the perception of our people, we organised in 2014 a survey to assess the satisfaction of our employee. We conducted, in 2018, a new survey to refresh our data. Our HR team is processing the results currently: they will help us frame an action plan for 2019.

Finally, we aim to be an equal opportunity employer, and, as mentioned in our Code of Conduct, we do not tolerate any discrimination. Some of our employees are HIV positive, and it is not an issue for MSP CAT.

  • 79% of our technicians are happy to work with us
  • 85% of our technicians are satisfied with the benefits offered by MSP CAT.
  • Only 10% of our workforce is hired with a short-term contract.
  • Our turnover is low: 2% as our absenteeism rate: 0%.
  • MSP CAT recruited 79 people in 2018.
  • 12.5% of our workforce is female.
  • 104 people were promoted in 2018, and 19% of them are female.
Talent management

Training our employee is critical for MSP CAT. As a result, every year, all our employees have to attend some training which are mandatory, and which are dealing with safety and business ethics. To continuously update their knowledge, we are requesting from our technicians, experts and engineers to get at least 80 hours of training per year.

  • 72% of our people were trained in 2018.
  • MSP CAT provided 57,734 training hours.
  • On average, each employee received 98 hours of training last year.

Offering safe working conditions for our employees and contractors is paramount for MSP CAT. To set and promote an efficient culture of safety, we have relied on:

  • Our HSE team. 4 people are working to ensure that MSP CAT operations are conducted safely.
  • Our Occupational Health and Safety policy, which is approved by our chairman, and which is available here.
  • Our management system was audited by a third-party. MSP CAT is OHSAS 18001:2007 compliant.

As the official distributor of Caterpillar products, we are contributing to delivering CAT Safety program in Myanmar: START. We encourage all our employees and contractors to report any situation which might be unsafe. Between January and June 2018, 217 incidents were reported and 91 were related to safety.

In pursuit of continuous improvement and excellence, we decided to upgrade to the new international standard and developed a migration plan based on OHSAS 18001.

After being audited on August 5, 2019, we successfully closed out all non-conformities (2 major and 3 minor) and received the certification.

We are proud to be one the first companies in Myanmar to achieve compliance to the ISO 45001 standard.

  • 0 lost time incident in 2018.
  • 2 accidents.
  • 0 fatality.
  • Our frequency rate is low: 0.26%.

Managing our operations should not harm the environment. We are working on two fronts on this matter:

  • MSP CAT is committed to making its environmental footprint as low as possible. As a result, the company adopted its environmental policy in 2018.
  • The products we sell and maintain should also be eco-efficient. Therefore, when our experts are repairing the products we sold, they will always make sure that their environmental performance is maximal.

A specific action plan was decided to structure and optimise MSP CAT waste management system. We will now work to reduce and recycle as much as possible the waste produced by our operations. For hazardous waste, they have to “be disposed of to a site that is licensed to handle the type of waste identified”.

Energy and GHG emission

To run our operations, we are using:

  • Diesel for our generators to power our headquarter in Yangon, and our branches when we cannot rely on the electricity provided by the government.
  • Gasoline for our fleet of vehicles.
  • Electricity from the grid, when it is available.
  • We consumed 3,676,295 kWh in 2018, of which almost 75% were used to run our generators.
  • Our GHG emissions reached 1,217,186 tonnes CO2. Eq in 2018. If we could rely on the grid to power our operations, we will then be able to reduce our GHG emissions by 10%.

MSP CAT is contributing to Myanmar society mostly with two projects.

Since 2010, MSP CAT has been selecting 20 people who are coming from remote areas and underprivileged families. The Company is bearing the costs of their 4 years studies (about USD 15,000 per student supported). MSP CAT has set, in partnership with Caterpillar and with the Ministry of Education, a curriculum. Once graduated, each student receives its diploma, which is recognised by Caterpillar as valid not only in Myanmar but also all around the globe.

MSP CAT chairman is chairing the Myanmar Cycling Federation (MCF) since 2015. MSP CAT bears all the operational expenditures of the MCF.

In 2018, we spent 400 million MMK on our philanthropic activities.

Our Company is also proud to be among the most significant taxpayers in Myanmar. We estimate that we will pay over 7 billion MMK of tax for our 2018 activities.


MSP CAT embraces the following standards:

SDG Explanation Results Enabling Myanmar economic development is essential, and MSP CAT provides the solutions to build a better Myanmar.
  • 830+ people are working for our Group.
  • 109 people were promoted in 2019 to assume more responsibilities.
  • We recruited 70 people in 2018. Our machines are empowering Myanmar, as they can deliver better infrastructures which will benefit to everyone.
  • 3,255 CAT machines are working across the country to build better infrastructures and create economic value.
  • We are supporting hundreds of clients. Tackling corruption and contributing to building sound public services are critical for Myanmar future.
  • Zero-tolerance approach to corruption.
  • 1 breach confirmed regarding our Code of Conduct. MSP CAT works closely with its main stakeholders to develop a sound business working environment.
  • Customer satisfaction > 90%.
  • MSP CAT is supporting different organisations across Myanmar.

Our performance is summarized in the following table. For each KPI, we indicated its scope, its value and the mapping with the GRI Standards. For the time being, our data are not audited by a third-party.

Topic KPI Scope Unit 2018 GRI Standards SDG principles
HR Headcount Full Number 820 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR Number of male Full Number 717 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR Number of female Full Number 103 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR 16 to 30 years Full Number 463 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR 31 to 59 years Full Number 345 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR 60 years and above Full Number 12 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR Managers Full Number 100 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR % of female managers Full % 10% GRI 405 SDG 8
HR Senior Staff Full Number 207 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR % of female senior staff Full % 15% GRI 405 SDG 8
HR Staff Full Number 513 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR % of female staff Full % 12% GRI 405 SDG 8
HR % of permanent contract Full % 81% GRI 102 SDG 8
HR Trainings
HR Number of people trained Full Number 591 GRI 404 SDG 8
HR Number of training hours Full Number 57,734 GRI 404 SDG 8
HR % of people trained Full % 72% GRI 404 SDG 8
HR Average number of training hours per people trained Full Number 98 GRI 404 SDG 8
HR Working conditions
HR Number of people recruited Full Number 79 GRI 102 SDG 8
HR Of which % of female recruited Full % 14% GRI 405 SDG 8
HR Number of people promoted Full Number 104 GRI 405 SDG 8
HR Of which % of female promoted Full 19% GRI 405 SDG 8
HR Number of reports under the Safety Card program Full Number 439 GRI 403 SDG 8
HR Number of accidents Full Number 2 GRI 403 SDG 8
HR Absenteism rate Full % 0 GRI 403 SDG 8
HR Fatality rate Full % 0 GRI 403 SDG 8
HR Frequency rate Full % 0.26% GRI 403 SDG 8
HR Turnover Full % 2% GRI 401 SDG 8
HR Employee satisfaction Partial % 79% MSP CAT SDG 8
HR Number of vulnerable people Full Number 2 GRI 405 SDG 10
Environment Pollution
Environment Number of spills/accidents Number 0 GRI 306 SDG 12
Environment Energy
Environment Quantity of diesel consumed Full Gallon 71,871 GRI 302 SDG 13
Environment Quantity of gasoline consumed Full Gallon 23,941 GRI 302 SDG 13
Environment Quantity of electricity consumed Full KWH 145,331 GRI 302 SDG 13
Environment Energy consumed Full KWh 3,676,295 GRI 302 SDG 13
Environment Energy intensity Full Energy consumed per sales (KWh / sale) 13,566 GRI 302 SDG 13
Environment Carbon
Environment Carbon emissions Full Tonnes CO2 eq. 1,217,186 GRI 305 SDG 13
Environment Carbon intensity Full GHG (tonnes CO2 eq.) per sales 4,491 GRI 305 SDG 13
Social Society
Social Number of audits Full Number 0 MSP CAT SDG 9
Social Number of suppliers who conducted their self-assessment Full Number 0 MSP CAT SDG 9
Social Number of suppliers Full Number 297 MSP CAT SDG 9
Social % of Myanmar suppliers Full Number 16% GRI 204 SDG 8
Social Average length of relationship Full Number 0 MSP CAT SDG 8
Social Suppliers satisfaction Full Number 0 MSP CAT SDG 8
Social % of spending on Myanmar suppliers Full Number 2% GRI 204 SDG 8
Social Tax paid Full MMK (million) 7,380 GRI 203 SDG 8
Social Philanthropy
Social Donations Full MMK (million) 400 GRI 203 SDG 8
Social Number of people impacted Full Number 0 GRI 203
Social Number of Apprenticeship students graduated Full Number 20 GRI 203
Social Of which number of persons recruited by MSP CAT Number 20 GRI 203
Social Customers
Social Number of customers Full Number 5,232 GRI 102
Social Number of branch Full Number 16 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Number of sales Full Number 271 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Number of CAT Machines sold Full Number 210 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Number of CAT Machines in operation Full Number 3,255 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Number of active CAT power generators Full Number 4,442 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Number of products at work in Myanmar Full Number 3,255 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Number of total operations performed Full Number 4,813 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Predelivery and installation Full Number 350 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Delivery / Commissioning Full Number 350 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Revisit Full Number 390 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Workshop Jobs, Field Service, Troubleshoting Full Number 1,750 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Warranty Full Number 413 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Interdepartmental exclude warranty Full Number 1,390 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Others Full Number 170 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Number of total events
Social - New Product Launching Event Full Number 3 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social - Customer Seminar and Training Full Number 6 GRI 102 SDG 9
Social Customers' satisfaction index Full Number 9.3 MSP CAT
Social Number of complaints from customers Full Number 24 MSP CAT
Social Number of complaints per sale Full % 9% MSP CAT
Social Business ethics
Social Number of complaints related to ethics Full Number 1 GRI 205 SDG 16
Social Number of breaches Full Number 1 GRI 205 SDG 16
Social Number of contract terminated Full Number 1 GRI 205 SDG 16
Social Partnerships
Social Number of partnerships signed with Myanmar organizations Full Number 4 GRI 102 SDG 17