Health,Safety and Environment

At MSP CAT, we take the safety of our staff and our customers seriously.
MSP CAT is committed to meeting or exceeding healthy and safety requirements of all laws, regulations, applicable industry standards, best practices and customers’ expectations.
MSP CAT believes that incident prevention not only reduces human suffering and loss, but that it is also good for business and improves service to our customers.
MSP CAT is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for all persons associated with MSP CAT, including employees and visitors. We emphasize safety education and training as the primary means of achieving this goal. MSP CAT is committed to creating a partnership with contractors, suppliers, and other third parties to achieve our goals through mutual HSE commitment and management systems.
Our HSE Team consists of focal persons representing the departments as HSE Team members led by a Team Leader and a Team Captain. The HSE Team is responsible for implementation of the MSP CAT health, safety and environment policy and guidelines.

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